Will he be The Unbeaten One?

SÅ LANGT IGJEN: Liverpools manager Jürgen Klopp vet det er en lang sesong. Oli Scarff | AFP | NTB Scanpix

He named himself “The Normal One”, but this season can put another nickname on Liverpools Jürgen Klopp.

Only one manager has accomplished the incredible feat of going unbeaten through a whole season in the Premier League. This season that one manager might get company in the unbeaten lounge.

Liverpool and Jürgen Klopp are on an absolute rampage, and after twelve rounds of the season nobody has managed to beat them. Never has any team in the Premier League secured more points at this stage than Liverpools 34. But can it last all the way to the very last game of the season?

Arsenal are the only team in Premier League history to go through a season unbeaten. That happened during the 2003-2004 campaign. Arsene Wengers team won 26 of their 38 games, and drew the last 12. This earned the team the nickname “The Invincibles”.

Wanna bet on it?

SkyBet offers you an odds of 17,00 (16/1) if you want to bet on Liverpool to go unbeaten through the whole season.

This bet does not include Liverpool winning the league, but needless to say, if they don’t loose a game they will be pretty huge favorites to take the title as well. Therefore, you could spice up this bet almost risk free by adding Liverpool to win it.

The outright winners odds on Liverpool to win the premiership this season is 1,40 (2/5) so you could sum this up to a total of 23,80 (114/5) if you can combine the two bets on the same slip.

CAN IT BE DONE?: If one man can do it, it is Virgil van Dijk.Andrew Boyers | Reuters | NTB Scanpix

More records to be broken

If you would have asked football fans what team they thought could copy “The Invincibles” most of them would have answered Manchester City.

Pep Guardiolas side holds the record for most points during a Premier League season with 100 points in 38 games. That is more than 2,6 points per game in average. This was during the 2017/18 season. They lost two games and drew four.

For comparison, “The Invincibles” from 2003/04 averaged on less than 2,4 points per game, for a total of 90 points during the season.

Last season we saw Manchester City win the title again. They came close to beating their own record, but fell short with only two points and ended their tally on 98. Liverpool came one point behind with a 97 total.

If Jürgen Klopp manages to lead his side through the rest of the season unbeaten chances are good that we will se a new points record as well.

Liverpool only lost one game last year, and drew seven. This year they stand on 11-1-0. So far. Time will tell if Jürgen Klopp can rename himself to “The Unbeaten One”.

WINNING: James Milner lifting the Champions League trophy. In a few months he might be lifting the Premier League trophy.Javier Solano | AFP | NTB Scanpix

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